What is Eateree?

An online cafeteria and catering service bringing better food to your workplace

Why We Started Eateree

Employees are looking for better options

While working within Metro Manila’s business districts, our meal options were mostly fast food, higher priced restaurants, or carinderia food. We found ourselves struggling to find safe and healthier choices that wouldn’t strain our daily budgets. 

Eateree was started with the idea of providing affordable, delicious, and convenient meals that are delivered safely to employees within Metro Manila. Our online cafeteria lets your team easily choose better meals from a daily curated menu while also offering flexible payment options and free delivery.

Why Choose Eateree

Order and manage individual meals and group catering through our easy-to-use online platform

Maximize employee satisfaction with delicious, affordable, and healthier meal choices

Provide your team with better meals without the need for a physical space, long lines, or shared utensils

Ensure food safety through contactless delivery of carefully packed meals from our commercial-grade kitchen